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Celtic Afghan With Cable – Crochet Pattern

We always dedicate a little more time to decorating and tidying our room. This environment has to be comforting after all, at the end of a tiring day, nothing better than seeing that well-made bed waiting for us to rest. Thinking about having a beautiful decoration and a cozy blanket, let’s learn how to make […]

Calippo Quilt Pattern

Get ready to fall in love with this colorful and very pretty quilt, the Calippo quilt is sure to be the next pattern you want to make. I love to bring you quilts like this, that the details need little fabric. It’s perfect for using up those scraps left over from other quilts. To make this […]

Prairie Star Throw – Crochet Free Pattern

We always think of items to decorate our home, make everything cozier and more beautiful. Thinking about bringing a blanket that will look perfect in your home, we have Prairie Star Throw. That crochet piece you’ll want to start today. It’s not a difficult pattern to make, but it’s not recommended for beginners either. If you’re […]

Crochet Poncho Dress – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Shall we learn how to make a dress for us? The crochet poncho dress is a very beautiful model that matches many outfits and occasions. It’s perfect to wear on warmer days, with shorts, or for colder days with pants and long-sleeved blouses. It is a pattern that can be made by […]

Under Southern Skies – Quilt Pattern

Quilts are always very welcome in the decoration of environments. They look beautiful and bring a lot of charm to our home. Under Southern Skies is a very beautiful pattern. Full of prominent stars, the pattern brings a lot of elegance to the bedspread. It is perfect for decorating bedrooms, living rooms, in the corner […]

Classic Granny Square – Crochet Pattern

Shall we crochet my loves? This technique is very versatile, a low cost craft and wonderful results. Some time ago we thought of crochet as an old technique, grandmother’s craft. Nowadays, we have more and more young people venturing into this type of craft that yields such beautiful pieces. The granny square is a pattern […]

Chain Links Quilt – Free Pattern

Quilting is a real therapy, it passes the time, activates our creativity and brings us a very good feeling. Today’s pattern is Chain Links, a pattern full of colors and prints. If you’re just starting to sew, this might be the perfect template to practice your sewing. It looks beautiful in various environments, in the […]