Quilting Block

Aunt Dinah Quilt Block

The Aunt Dinah Quilt Block is a classic patchwork pattern that has deep roots in quilting tradition. This quilt block is characterized by a harmonious combination of geometric shapes, resulting in a charming design that has stood the test of time. The name “Aunt Dinah” evokes a sense of tradition and connection to the past. […]

Chatelaine BOW Sampler Quilt Block 28- Centennial

The Chatelaine BOW Sampler Quilt, with its 28th Block, known as the “Centennial,” is an exciting quilting journey that combines skill, tradition and creativity in a single piece. This project is a charming representation of the rich quilting tradition that has been passed down through the generations. The term “BOW” in the project name is […]

Circle of Geese Block

Today we will discover a quilt with fabric blocks with geometric figures, it can be a very interesting and visually attractive piece. These quilts are made from multiple blocks of fabric that are sewn together to form an overall design. Blocks usually feature geometric shapes, such as squares, triangles or hexagons. The fabrics used in […]

Granny Square Quilt

Today we are going to see a beautiful pattern called Granny Square Quilt. When we say the word GRANDMOTHER, beautiful memories of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, soon come to mind. In most families there is always a grandmother who loves to sew, so this pattern has a very meaningful name that makes us remember the special […]

Cathedral Windows Quilt

For all those who are lovers of crafts, are certainly in the right place because we are always looking for novelties, ideas, different ways to make publications increasingly interesting. Because learning is never too much, when more learning is always better for our performance and for our knowledge, even more for those who use handicrafts […]

Friendship Star Quilt Block

The quilt block called Friendship Star is a design often used in quilts. It can have different forms, but they all represent friendship. A basic way to make this block is to use a square in the middle and four triangles in the corners, creating a star. This symbolizes friends coming together. Over time, people […]

Jack in the Box Quilt Block

Quilting is a cool way to make fabric art. Today we will meet a very interesting and creative pattern. Among all the cool quilt designs, one is called “Jack in the Box,” or “Jack in the Box.” Let’s get to know more about this special quilt block. This pattern is called “Jack in the Box” […]

French Braid Quilt

The French braid, a classic patchwork pattern, offers a unique visual charm with its intertwined lines, adding sophistication to the final result. Its elegant visual effect is achieved through the careful combination of fabrics in complementary colors. By following a simple guide, you can create a stunning quilt using this technique. Start by selecting a […]

Snail Trail Quilt Block

The Caracol Trail is a really cool and trendy quilt pattern. It has spiral designs that give the impression of movement. It can be a little difficult to do, but with practice it gets easier. If you like the challenge and fun of sewing, this quilt is perfect for you! What makes Trilha do Caracol […]

Quilt Pattern Splendor

Hello dear readers, today we are going to learn how to make a beautiful quilt with just 3 meters of fabric, it is an exciting and rewarding task for any quilting lover. With 3-yard high quilt patterns, the Splendor is a perfect model for anyone wanting to create a stunning quilt in no time. To […]