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Prairie Star Throw – Crochet Free Pattern

We always think of items to decorate our home, make everything cozier and more beautiful. Thinking about bringing a blanket that will look perfect in your home, we have Prairie Star Throw.

That crochet piece you’ll want to start today. It’s not a difficult pattern to make, but it’s not recommended for beginners either. If you’re just starting out and have fallen in love with this pattern too, try out a block first.

This pattern is repeated several times until you have all the blocks that are needed to assemble the blanket. As the pattern is very well described, step by step, read and see if you understand the stitches that are needed. Try once, twice, three times until you get it right.

I’m sure afterward you’ll feel very proud and confident to keep taking risks and making the pieces you want. If you have any yarn left over, take the opportunity to test the pattern and then buy the materials you need. As for the colors, feel free and use your creativity to make the combinations that please you most.

The prairie star throw pattern is available on Ravelry, with the diagram, step by step, yarn suggestions and tips to make a very beautiful blanket.

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May this pattern inspire you to keep creating and crocheting. It is very good to exercise our mind and creativity and nothing better than a good craft. May you have a great rest of the week, with lots of joy, color and crafts!

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