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Classic Granny Square – Crochet Pattern

Shall we crochet my loves? This technique is very versatile, a low cost craft and wonderful results. Some time ago we thought of crochet as an old technique, grandmother’s craft. Nowadays, we have more and more young people venturing into this type of craft that yields such beautiful pieces. The granny square is a pattern that you can adapt to various pieces.

By joining several squares, you can make a table rail, a blanket, the detail of some clothes, scarves. It’s that perfect model for you to practice, perfect your stitch and create more affinity and confidence with crochet. You learn to connect different yarns to make the flower pattern and the square border. Make the combinations with the colors that please you the most.

Also, don’t stick to one color, make colorful flowers for the same blanket, make it more cheerful with vibrant colors. If you have some yarns that are left over from other pieces, take the opportunity to use and make these flowers. It’s become therapy for me and everywhere I go, I always take a ball of yarn and a crochet hook.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Hopeful Honey

While waiting for some compromise, I take the opportunity to practice and test new patterns. Do this, the evolution of our work is visible, as well as everything we dedicate time and attention to. Still not crocheting? You can start with this pattern, if it becomes too difficult to change colors, use the same color throughout the granny square.

The separation of the flower and the border won’t be visible, but the work will look just as beautiful. To make this pattern, you need basic materials, yarn, crochet hook, scissors. The step by step guide is available at Hopeful Honey with all the instructions, measurements, abbreviations, stitches used and photos to guide you when making the stitches.

We hope you take advantage of this pattern to create beautiful pieces for your everyday life. Take the opportunity to gift friends with items so personalized and full of affection. If you want to tell us how it was done, I’m sure your comment will inspire other artisans who pass by and we’ll be very happy to read it. May we have a happy week, full of colors and crafts!

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