Seaside Steps Quilt

Seaside staircases resemble a meticulously crafted quilt, where each step represents a distinct block of an intricate quilt. Fresh, funky batiks, with their vibrant hues and nautical motifs, evoke an undeniable link between textile art and natural architecture. Each step is like a unique block of fabric, adorned with details inspired by the sea: shades […]

Modern Maple Quilt

The Bordo Moderno quilt is an engaging expression of the fusion between timeless tradition and contemporary aesthetics. With the choice between solid or patterned blocks, jumbo Maple Leafs become fundamental pieces in this style of quilting. The simplicity of solid blocks highlights the purity of quilting tradition, while prints offer a creative platform to explore […]

Love to Pieces Quilt

This pattern is ideal for Valentine’s Day, a very special date, and with it comes the opportunity to delve into the enchanting universe of love and connection. To celebrate this special moment, the “Amor em Pedaços” project was carefully designed to decorate tables and hearts with an extra pinch of romanticism. Imagine a delicately decorated […]

Tree Farm Quilt

The Tree Farm design on a wall quilt is an artistic expression that celebrates the beauty and diversity of forests. By stitching a forest of red and white trees into a simple nine-patch design, we create not only a visually captivating piece, but also a symbolic representation of nature and its nuances. The choice of […]

Winter Wonderland

The ice table runner is a piece that embodies the icy elegance of winter, transforming the table into an enchanting, frozen setting. Made with a careful combination of fabrics and textile elements, this table runner stands out not only for its beauty, but also for the magical atmosphere it brings to any room. The ice […]

Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt

The Cleopatra’s Fan quilt pattern is a magnificent representation of the fusion of art, history and craftsmanship. Inspired by the beauty and elegance associated with Queen Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt, this quilt pattern captivates lovers of sewing and quilting tradition with its intricacy and exquisite detail. Cleopatra’s Fan’s distinctive design is characterized by circular patterns […]