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Under Southern Skies – Quilt Pattern

Quilts are always very welcome in the decoration of environments. They look beautiful and bring a lot of charm to our home. Under Southern Skies is a very beautiful pattern. Full of prominent stars, the pattern brings a lot of elegance to the bedspread.

It is perfect for decorating bedrooms, living rooms, in the corner in an armchair. Open environments are always cooler and a quilt at these times makes all the difference. Coming in at the end of the day, after a long day at work, reading a book and snuggling up on a beautiful quilt like this doesn’t get any better.

It’s perfect to give as a gift, it’s impossible for anyone not to like such a useful piece. As for the colors, choose the ones you like the most. Always think about the decoration of the room that you plan to put me in, it is easier to have an idea when buying fabrics. In fabric stores we have many options, all beautiful.

It’s normal to feel a little lost at first, afraid of making mistakes in color and print choices. But take a chance, use pieces you’ve already made as inspiration, I’m sure it will be a success.

An important tip is to always cut the largest pieces first, if something goes wrong, you can still use other details thatyou have in the quilt.

The under southern skies pattern is available in patchwork n play, with step-by-step, measurements, and instructions for making the stars of all sizes that are used in the quilt.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Patchwork n Play

You can use the stars pattern in other projects, pillow covers, center pieces. Take the opportunity to tell us how fun it was to make this project, we hope everything went well. Tell us everything here, we’ll be happy to read it. May we have a beautiful week, full of color and sewing!

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