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Chain Links Quilt – Free Pattern

Quilting is a real therapy, it passes the time, activates our creativity and brings us a very good feeling.

Today’s pattern is Chain Links, a pattern full of colors and prints. If you’re just starting to sew, this might be the perfect template to practice your sewing.

It looks beautiful in various environments, in the bedrooms, in the living room, in open environments.

The materials needed in quilts are always the same, fabric, thread, sewing machine, scissors, tape measure.

These materials last a long time, so it’s an inexpensive craft. You often need to invest in fabrics. The background of the bedspread is a light fabric, to highlight the colorful and patterned squares. Therefore, we always recommend an important tip.

When we mix many prints of strong colors, it may be that the excess ink of some fabrics smears the lighter colors.

Wash fabrics first to remove excess fabric and avoid stains in your quilt. Once dry, iron the fabric to make it straight for easier cutting and sewing.

Markings should also be done on the reverse side of the fabric, so you don’t have any unwanted stains on your quilt.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilt Today

The chain links pattern is available from Quilt Today. The video tutorial is available for you to follow the step by step.

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First, watch the entire video, separate the materials and replay the video as many times as you need to clear up all your doubts. Then start cutting and sewing.

I hope you will be inspired to create and continue to sew beautiful pieces to decorate your home, sell or give as gifts to dear friends.

It is always a pleasure to have you here so that, together, we can learn beautiful pieces and exchange experiences. If you want to leave your opinion here in the comments, we will be very happy to read it.

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