Half Log Cabin Quilt

The “Half Log Cabin” quilt pattern is an interesting variation of the “Log Cabin” quilt pattern. While the traditional Log Cabin has strips of fabric running down the middle, the Half Log Cabin does something different. It creates a cool look by using one half of the block with dark colors and the other half […]

Circle of Geese Block

Today we will discover a quilt with fabric blocks with geometric figures, it can be a very interesting and visually attractive piece. These quilts are made from multiple blocks of fabric that are sewn together to form an overall design. Blocks usually feature geometric shapes, such as squares, triangles or hexagons. The fabrics used in […]

Aunt Gracie’s Garden Quilt

“Tia Gracie’s Garden Quilt” is a genuine work of fabric art that extraordinarily captures the beauty and essence of Aunt Gracie’s meticulously cared for garden. This meticulous work, created with deep love and dedication, becomes a visual expression of all the magic that permeates Tia Gracie’s garden. “Tia Gracie’s Garden Quilt” is a genuine work […]

Fletcher Quilt

Hello dear readers, today I will present to you a different quilt pattern, beautiful, full of colors and with an unusual name, he beds Fletcher. Fletcher is an introduction to using diagonal lines in your quilts. Now that everyone already knows the meaning of the name of the pattern, let’s get to know and learn […]

Granny Square Quilt

Today we are going to see a beautiful pattern called Granny Square Quilt. When we say the word GRANDMOTHER, beautiful memories of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, soon come to mind. In most families there is always a grandmother who loves to sew, so this pattern has a very meaningful name that makes us remember the special […]

Carpenter Star Quilt

Welcome to another amazing pattern that we will make available to you today. Today will be a pattern of quilt, so all who love quilt is the time to learn another beautiful pattern to improve your skills and increase knowledge always. Practice leads to perfection and knowledge has no one to steal from you is […]