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Crochet shoes for summer

Would you like to have a crocheted shoe? Crocheted shoes are an interesting option for those looking for comfortable, lightweight, and handmade footwear. They are usually made with cotton, wool, or other materials suitable for crochet. There are several models of crocheted shoes, from the simplest to the most elaborate, with different stitches and finishes. […]

Blue Crochet Tunic – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! We are very happy to see you here again, looking for new patterns and handcrafts. Whether as a hobby or profession, we hope that all these beautiful pieces are inspiring and motivate you to start or continue with this unique work. Handcrafted pieces are unique, there is always a detail that changes, […]

Bumble Bee Dress and Hat – Crochet Free Pattern

Get ready to fall in love with this pattern for your little one, the bumble bee dress and hat. It is a very beautiful, classic model, which is perfect for several occasions. Because it is handmade, no crochet dress will be identical to another due to the personal technique and diversity of different stitches. Having […]

From The Middle Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern

Hello loves! Another beautiful day for us to learn a pattern that will look beautiful in your decor. Blankets are widely used on the sofa, whether to cover, decorate and protect the furniture or to snuggle up on the cooler days. From the middle crochet blanket is one of those patterns that enchant us and […]

Vintage Crochet Hearts – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! How are you doing? We hope that your week is being very good, productive and full of joy and colors. Today we are going to practice the crochet technique a little more with a very beautiful pattern that you can adapt in several pieces, the Vintage Crochet Hearts. It’s a very delicate […]

Hugs and Kisses Baby Blanket – Crochet Pattern

Hello loves! Ready to fall in love with this crochet pattern? It is a very beautiful blanket, cozy and full of charm, perfect to be part of baby layettes. The hugs and kisses blanket is made with many colors and lots of details. Crochet blankets have been a staple of baby items for a long […]

Flower Stitch – Crochet Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Today we are going to learn a very versatile crochet pattern that you can use to make different pieces, blankets, scarves, clothes, table runners. The flower stitch is a very delicate pattern that forms flowers together throughout the piece. Crochet is a very old technique, which many people learned from their mothers […]

Celtic Afghan With Cable – Crochet Pattern

We always dedicate a little more time to decorating and tidying our room. This environment has to be comforting after all, at the end of a tiring day, nothing better than seeing that well-made bed waiting for us to rest. Thinking about having a beautiful decoration and a cozy blanket, let’s learn how to make […]

Prairie Star Throw – Crochet Free Pattern

We always think of items to decorate our home, make everything cozier and more beautiful. Thinking about bringing a blanket that will look perfect in your home, we have Prairie Star Throw. That crochet piece you’ll want to start today. It’s not a difficult pattern to make, but it’s not recommended for beginners either. If you’re […]

Crochet Poncho Dress – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Shall we learn how to make a dress for us? The crochet poncho dress is a very beautiful model that matches many outfits and occasions. It’s perfect to wear on warmer days, with shorts, or for colder days with pants and long-sleeved blouses. It is a pattern that can be made by […]