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Flower Stitch – Crochet Free Pattern

Hello my loves! Today we are going to learn a very versatile crochet pattern that you can use to make different pieces, blankets, scarves, clothes, table runners. The flower stitch is a very delicate pattern that forms flowers together throughout the piece. Crochet is a very old technique, which many people learned from their mothers and grandmothers or on their own, from available patterns.

Nowadays it is already a popular craft for all ages, with items that delight everyone. You can make crocheting a profession, a hobby, an extra income at the end of the month, or a form of therapy. It’s a quiet time, when you enjoy your own company or do crafts in groups. It can be a great opportunity to get your friends together and make it a weekly get-together for you to learn new patterns, share experiences, and inspire each other.

Crochet is a craft that does not require many materials, the basics are yarn, needle and crochet and scissors. These materials last a long time, so it’s an investment you’ll use again and again. When choosing yarn, choose according to the piece you want to make. Softer Yarns are more recommended for clothes and accessories that have direct contact with the skin, so they do not cause irritation or allergies.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Beautiful Skills

If in doubt, ask the store attendant for help or choose the yarns suggested in the pattern. The flower stitch pattern diagram is available from Beautiful Skills. We separated the tutorial video for you too, so you can go stitching together with the artisan in the video. For many people, doing it together with the video is the best way, try doing it this way and see if it helps you to clarify possible doubts.

We hope that this pattern will inspire you to make many beautiful and charming pieces. If you want your opinion, suggestion here in the comments, we will be very happy to read it. Let’s make this week special, with lots of beautiful handmade pieces!

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