Vintage Crochet Hearts – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! How are you doing? We hope that your week is being very good, productive and full of joy and colors. Today we are going to practice the crochet technique a little more with a very beautiful pattern that you can adapt in several pieces, the Vintage Crochet Hearts.

It’s a very delicate pattern, easy, quick to make and that you can sew on clothes, blankets, table runners, bags and even make coasters with this beautiful heart.

Because it’s a small pattern, you don’t need a lot of yarn to make it. Enjoy yarns left over from other projects and start practicing. Crochet is a low-cost handcraft, the needles last a long time, and despite the many numberings, you don’t need many to get started.

In this pattern you can make many color combinations, change the color of the bars or keep the same. If you already have a piece or know where you are going to use them, be inspired by the colors that are already present, change the tones and take the opportunity to match the environment.

If you’re going to use them as coasters, make colorful kits, so the table is super fun, marks the guests’ place and even protects your table from stains.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Annie Design Crochet

This can be the perfect pattern for anyone starting out in the crochet technique. As old as this technique is, it is increasingly present in the decorations of our homes and on our clothes. Young or not, everyone can learn new techniques, if you want to. The vintage crochet hearts pattern is available for you at Annie Design Crochet.

The video tutorial will guide you through the step by step to have beautiful hearts. We hope this is another pattern for you to make and be inspired by this beautiful craft. Here in the comments, you can leave suggestions for pieces you want to learn, we’ll read everything. Let’s make this a beautiful week!

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