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Blue Crochet Tunic – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! We are very happy to see you here again, looking for new patterns and handcrafts. Whether as a hobby or profession, we hope that all these beautiful pieces are inspiring and motivate you to start or continue with this unique work. Handcrafted pieces are unique, there is always a detail that changes, the way each one makes it is always special.

Thinking about continuing to bring patterns that you can use on a daily basis, today we are going to learn how to make the Blue Crochet Tunic. This model is very comfortable, elegant and can be used on many occasions, it is versatile. The tunic is like a longer blouse. That is, you can adapt the length of this pattern and use it to create other blouses and even dresses with the same stitch and pattern.

Changing the length of the tunic is simple, increase or decrease the number of rows in the pattern. Once you understand and start making careers, there will be no doubts. When yarns, always choose the ones you like the most. The colors too, to compose a flashier look, use more vibrant colors. For more casual, more discreet looks, you can use more sober colors, winter colors.

Image / Pattern

We are sure that nowadays, with the variety we find in stores, you will find the color you are looking for. In the blue crochet tunic pattern, you will find the stitch diagram to give you an idea of ​​how each stitch and row will look. If you are new to crocheting, we show you lighter lines so you can visualize the stitch and correct yourself if you have any doubts.

We hope you enjoy this piece to sell, give as a gift to dear friends or yourself, after all, we deserve it too. Feel proud of each piece you complete, we are sure your work is already beautiful and with more practice, it will only get better. Tell us here in the comments how it went, what you think and if you have any suggestions. We are looking out for everything to help you!

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