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Twisted Table Runner Pattern

The table runner is a piece that brings a lot of charm to our table and the twisted table runner pattern is an excellent model. This piece serves both to decorate and to replace the tablecloth or souplats. There are many reasons why the table runner is trending for tables in the world of decoration. First of all, they fit any table shape, square, round, rectangular.

It is a practical and versatile piece. It’s not just at home that table runners are successful, the decoration of parties and events also counts on the participation of the darling at the tables. It can be used alone, with towels and/or with sousplats, vertically, horizontally or crosswise, when the table runner is a set.

Always remember to match the textures and colors of the accessories, such as napkins, sousplats, plates and arrangements. No removing the rail from the table at mealtimes and replacing it with a towel that covers the entire piece of furniture. We have the option to compose beautiful tables for all occasions with the table rails, just be creative.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilt Today

This pattern is very colorful and full of joy to make our moments at the table even happier. In the rush of everyday life, we have come to appreciate family moments even more, so we want you to be inspired by them to make table runners. A beautiful table always looks even more attractive, so why not give a table runner as a gift to a dear friend? It is a great option because in addition to being beautiful, it will be useful in their daily lives as well.

You’ll find the pattern at Quilt Today. The fabrics, colors and prints will be suggested in the pattern, but choose the ones you like the most, always focusing on quality fabrics. We hope you can make beautiful table runners, practice a little every day and exercise your creativity. If you want to tell us what you thought and what it was like to make the table runner, we’d love to read it. We are here to help each other always. Shall we sew?

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