Tonga Focus Quilt – Free Pattern

Tonga Focus Quilt. Hello my loves, it is a great pleasure to welcome you here, so that together we can learn the most beautiful patterns of handicrafts. Our handicrafts are unique, full of charming details and a lot of care and dedicated time. Today we are going to sew a little, learn a new quilt pattern.

The Tonga Focus Quilt is a very beautiful model, with a detail that looks like a path in the middle of the pattern. Today there are many ways to optimize the time spent on cutting and sewing. There are kits with all the strips cut from the colors indicated in the pattern, being necessary to sew, binding and that’s it, we have a new quilt.

If you want to make other colors, make sure the color of the “path” stands out as well as the pattern, this is the great detail of the piece. Quilts are very versatile and we never have too many quilts. They are perfect when we are going to tidy up our room, keeping a well-made bed, super cozy and inviting. They look beautiful in the living room, whether on the sofa or in an armchair, to decorate the corner of the room.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Timeless Treasure

In the open areas, backyard, they are always played at the end of the day. There is nothing more perfect to snuggle up at the end of the day, on the weekend, and enjoy some time alone or with the family. Quilts are not difficult to make, with practice, seeing new patterns, you will become more creative and inspired to continue creating beautiful pieces. The tonga focus pattern is available in timeless treasure, with measurements, assembly diagrams and finishing touches.

All the necessary information is described there, in detail, to guide you step by step. We hope you are inspired and continue to value your craft, which is amazing. Feel proud of each finished piece, we always put a lot of love into each quilt. They are perfect for gifting to friends too, they will love it. Separate all the materials you will need and let’s quilt!