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Hunter’s Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Sewing is a real therapy and when we see our beautiful quilts ready, we are just proud of our work. Each quilt pattern brings a different tip that we can use, apply to other pieces. Today’s pattern is the Hunter’s Star Quilt, full of charming details that you’ll love making. Quilts are very versatile, they are perfect in many different rooms, whether just to decorate or to snuggle in on the cooler days.

This model forms stars throughout the pattern, the most beautiful thing. As for the colors, you already know, they are just a suggestion, choose the ones that you like the most to match the environments you are thinking about. Great gift option for those you have a special affection for, it’s a useful item that everyone likes and needs.

A very valid tip is always to make the largest cuts first. If any wrong cuts happen, you can still use the piece of fabric to cut the smaller pieces. Every craft, whether hobby or profession, needs practice to get better and better. Sew a little every day, even if it’s a patchwork, to train straight sewing, curves.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: mypatchworld 

Always iron the fabric before starting anything, the fabric will be straight for easy cutting and sewing. The pattern you will learn can be adapted to other pieces such as pillow covers. You will see that with practice, it becomes easier to make adaptations and release creativity to create new things.

The hunter’s star pattern is available in mypatchworld , with tips, measurements and cutting and sewing instructions. We’re sure this pattern will continue to inspire you to make new pieces, create new patterns and play around with quilts.

Here is a space for us to help and encourage each other, so leave your opinion here in the comments and how was the quilting experience. May our week be full of crafts and joy. Now, shall we quilt?


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