Oopsie Daisy – Quilt Pattern

Hi my darlings! Quilts are very versatile and are always present in our daily lives.

Thinking about bringing a charming model that you can’t help but fall in love with, we have the Oopsie Daisy quilt.

This quilt is full of flowers and bright colors, which bring a lot of joy to the environment. Don’t be afraid to combine different colors and prints, it may seem like it doesn’t match at first, but it looks beautiful.

If you have scraps of fabric left over from other projects, use them now. Whether on a flower petal, on a leaf. So you can reuse small pieces of fabric that were useless.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilt Today

Before starting to sew the appliqués into the quilt, assemble the pattern to make sure there are no missing pieces.

In addition to ensuring that you don’t have to re-cut mid-stitch, you also get a complete preview of the color combination.

Choose a lighter background to bring out the vibrant colors of the flower details. If you’re still not feeling confident with your sewing, try it on scraps that aren’t part of the quilt.

With a little practice every day, your progress will be remarkable.How about gifting friends with a perfect quilt like this? In handcrafted pieces we manage to show all our love and dedicated time to make a gift that pleases them.


You can find the Oopsie Daysi pattern at Quilt Today. In the pattern there are the sizes, step by step, assembly and sewing instructions, fabric and color suggestions and important tips.

We are sure that with all the necessary instruction, beautiful quilts will come out of your studio. If you want to leave your opinion here in the comments, we would be very happy to know how it went for you to do so. Let’s quilt?!

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