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Intertwined Crochet Flowers

Hello dear readers, how are you? Crochet is considered a type of craft made with a special needle, much sought after by everyone. For some people, like embroidery, it can be considered a therapy to forget about everyday problems and to relax. When we talk about crochet crafts, flowers are popular because they can be applied in many different arts and pieces. We can take advantage of the combination of colors to create really amazing objects to decorate your home and even for those looking to earn extra income.

Today I brought you great news, a beautiful, simple, charming and very easy work to do. We will learn how to make a crochet flower chain. It’s very interesting to always learn new things, I believe it will be news for some, because I had never seen one like this model, but when I saw it I fell in love, so I decided to bring you to know and learn how to do it.

To make this model we will only need crochet threads with colors of your preferences and crochet hook, after choosing the colors, follow our step by step to perform this beautiful work with perfection. It is an excellent option to sell or to make for yourself, as a gift to a loved one.

To make this piece we will not have any expense because we can use threads left over from other projects and are stored in our stock. This model is beautiful, easy to make and at no cost, considered as a basic level, even those who are not professional in crochet will be able to make this flower chain.

This colorful crochet flower chain can be used as a keychain, as a necklace, as earrings, as a bookmark, to embellish other designs, for example, it can be applied to other projects, or it can be used as you wish. Unleash your imagination and create something new for yourself or your customers.

The crochet flower is a very versatile addition to any piece. Whether as a prop, appliqué, dishcloth or rug, you can innovate and give a special touch to any piece. Just match the colors and thickness of the thread to give the effect you want!

We can use these flowers to apply in infinite projects, I will mention some ideas for you, we can apply them in paintings, rugs, bedspreads, table runners, make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments for girls, babies, women, we can use them to decorate glass jars, we can create many projects with just this flower chain idea.

What do you think about preparing a beautiful table set with souplast and napkin holder decorated with crochet flower? She gave a special touch to the decoration of the table and the combination of colors made the environment more cheerful, breaking the sober tone of the dinner set. In addition, the texture of the crochet provides an interesting effect in the decoration of environments. Your guests will feel super special and welcome!

We would like to thank the craftsloved website for making this beautiful pattern available to us completely free of charge so that everyone has the opportunity to learn how to augment their novelty creations.

I have no doubt that you will create beautiful projects with this new idea, flowers made in crochet. I wish you all beautiful creations!!!!

I’ll stop here, I’ll let you put into practice everything you’ve learned here today.

Good job everyone!!!!

Hugs and see you soon!!!

Tell us about your experience after discovering this project, if you liked it, if you found it easy to do, where you used it, what you created. Leave your ideas, suggestions and comments. It is very important to know what they think about the contents of our site.

Below is the link with the complete step-by-step:

Intertwined Crochet Flowers

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