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Elegant Crochet Coat

For those people who follow the fashion world and love to keep up with fashion trends, you must have already noticed that looks with pieces made in crochet are increasingly common, and one of the options is the longer crochet coat. Whether for winter or summer, it’s always a sure-fire, versatile choice to complete any look.

This piece is seen as a complement to the look, so in winter, you should always wear it with a warmer piece underneath. Many prefer more basic colors to be easier to match and look more elegant. Whether the piece is white, black, grey, beige or brown, it will look amazing.

The crochet coat is a well-used piece in winter, but depending on the texture and weight, you can adapt it to looks for other seasons. It is an elegant and versatile piece that offers a very original look. Learn how to make your coat at home.

When this item is handmade by you, then it becomes exclusive, the option to make crochet coats, came strong in the summer and will continue to be present in the winter, so friend, get inspired by this crochet coat model that I will present here and parade on the catwalks of Brazil and the world showing her talent in modern crochet.

Despite being a wildcard piece, the crochet coat can come in a variety of styles and colors. It can be used with jeans, skirts, dresses, with a top, with the look you want. We can combine this piece both in winter and summer. A unique piece that has never gone out of fashion, worn and desired by all ages, in the female or male version is always very successful.

A classic model that can be successful in the short version, with a belt, long, open, with buttons, matching a scarf, or accessories such as necklaces and earrings. A crochet coat will always make a person look very elegant.

A handcrafted work, widely used in winter, it is also possible to use them in other seasons of the year. Always leaving the looks modern, beautiful and full of charm.

This piece is indispensable in the wardrobe of adults and children, it appeals to all audiences, you can make one of each model and different colors to increase your collection or to earn extra income selling crochet pieces, like this beautiful one. coat featured in today’s article.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with crochet, reading and rereading the complete tutorial will help you make your beautiful crochet coat. Before you start, relax, do that basic warm-up, organize your workplace, organize your materials and get to work to create and embroider the most beautiful crochet coats.

The great differential of this piece is the appropriate height for the person who will wear the piece. If you need a piece in a smaller size, just don’t make all the turns indicated for that size. To make the adjustments, pay close attention to the step-by-step explanation.

You can make your coats with infinite stitches, sizes, colors and different models. We will present at the end of the article the complete step by step for you to perform your piece.

Thanks to craftsloved for making this wonderful pattern available to us.

Remember that you can always count on us, whether to send your comments, give your opinions or clear up your doubts, it is always a great pleasure to receive your suggestions.

Shall we practice and put into practice what we learn?

I wish you all an excellent work and wonderful creations!!!

I’ll be back soon with amazing news for you all!!

Here is the link with the complete step-by-step:

Elegant Crochet Coat

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