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Star Gazer Quilt

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Today we are going to leave you a pattern The Star Gaze Quilt block is probably one of the most popular quilt patterns among Americans, there are several models, and here you will learn how to make one of them.

This quilt is definitely a magical and enchanting work, this effect that the quilt conveys is simply different. Follow the complete step by step very carefully and do an amazing job.

A very cool tip is to make this bedspread to give as a gift to a dear person or to sell to your customers, you will undoubtedly have success, a very elegant and sophisticated bedspread model, this Star Gazer pattern will shine on the bed and make any environment more beautiful . In addition to the star, we have floral prints that make up this pattern, making the piece even more beautiful and perfect.

Understand the differences between Quilt, Bed Cover and Duvet

• Quilt

The Quilt can be used on less cold days as it is composed of lighter fabrics, heating up just the right amount in milder temperatures.
It can be said that the main function of the Quilt is decorative. Extended over the bed linen used to sleep, it protects the sheets against dust and other particles, and gives that charm to the room with different prints and colors.

• Bed covers

Cobre Leito also has the function of decorating the environment. It can be used extended over the bed linen to finish the room tidy in the morning. However, the fundamental difference of Cobre Leito is its manufacture.
For this product, which commonly comes in a double-sided version, thicker fabrics are used, in addition to a layer of acrylic blanket, which makes it more comfortable and ideal for keeping warm on cold days. Lighter than a duvet, it ensures more mobility for those who use it as a blanket.

• Duvet

The duvet can also be used in decoration, as it is very common to find it with two faces.
Preferred by many on harsh winter days, the Duvet is an excellent item to use on the most intense cold days. It is heavier than Cobre Leito because it has a thicker layer of acrylic blanket. This is precisely the feature that makes it more cozy and expands its heating capacity.
Knowing the differences between the bedspread, the bed cover and the duvet, it became easier to choose the best one for you and not make mistakes when it comes to production or purchase!

I hope you liked this beautiful model that we present here for you, an elegant, versatile, modern and perfect pattern. I created a beautiful Star Gazer quilt, I’m sure you will surprise us with your creations. I wish you all great productions, excellent work and great sales for those who produce to sell.

It is always a great pleasure to be able to share patterns with high levels of beauty for our readers. Browse our website and learn new tips and new patterns!!
We would like to thank Quilting Land for making this beautiful Star Gazer Quilt pattern available here on our website, designed by Wendy Sheppard.

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Below is the link to the complete pattern: Star Gaze Quilt block

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