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Snail Trail Quilt Block

The Caracol Trail is a really cool and trendy quilt pattern. It has spiral designs that give the impression of movement. It can be a little difficult to do, but with practice it gets easier. If you like the challenge and fun of sewing, this quilt is perfect for you! What makes Trilha do Caracol […]

Quilt Pattern Splendor

Hello dear readers, today we are going to learn how to make a beautiful quilt with just 3 meters of fabric, it is an exciting and rewarding task for any quilting lover. With 3-yard high quilt patterns, the Splendor is a perfect model for anyone wanting to create a stunning quilt in no time. To […]

Jacob’s ladder quilt block

Hello dear readers!!!! It might seem silly at first glance, but there’s an intriguing backstory buried under famous names like Jacob’s Ladder. You may not know it, but the tradition of quilting dates back to Biblical times, with a rich tapestry (pun intended) of humankind stretching right through to today. We want to start by […]

Block Five Storm at Sea

Quilting is an art that we consider a great ally for those who really love crafts. It is a simple, versatile and inexpensive art. Available in various colors, shapes, designs and prints, we can use the quilt in different applications and decoration combinations that can be used in your bedroom, living room or to display […]

Quilt Spin Me Round

Hello dear readers, how are you?? We hope everyone is well!! Today we will meet a beautiful pattern of a beautiful bedspread with a beautiful and differentiated visual effect, with vivid colors to brighten up your room decor. Quilt Spin Me Round is a wonderful and different work that must be done calmly and that […]

All Hallows Quilt Block

As the title says, I present to you this beautiful Block of All Relics Quilts, it really is a great honor to have a rare jewel of this printed on our bed, a beautiful and well-crafted print that will enchant your eyes after knowing this pattern. Would you like to know and learn how to […]

Astrodelic Quilt

Hello dear readers, how are you? I hope everyone is okay!! Today I bring you an amazing news, a beautiful and differentiated quilt pattern with a unique and adorable beauty. Colorful to brighten up your home or your environment. I present to you this pattern that is called Quilt Astrodelic, when we look at the […]

Star Gazer Quilt

Hello how are you? Glad you are here with us on our website, I like to see you all satisfied with the standards we post every day here for you. Today we are going to leave you a pattern The Star Gaze Quilt block is probably one of the most popular quilt patterns among Americans, […]

Ava Kate Daydreams Quilt

Good afternoon friends who accompany us here on our site, how are your quilts projects? I am coming back with a new standard. Are you ready to receive all the news I brought to you today? I’m sure just as you will love this Ava Kate Daydreams quilt mold. It is a beautiful and very simple […]

Shooting Star Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Shooting Star Quilt Block. Hello my loves! It’s always a great pleasure to see you here, learning new patterns and beautiful handcrafts. The patterns we bring are always versatile, and this one couldn’t be different. The Shooting Star Quilt Block looks great on many different pieces. You can sew it on table runners, on quilts, […]