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Shooting Star Quilt Block – Free Pattern

Shooting Star Quilt Block. Hello my loves! It’s always a great pleasure to see you here, learning new patterns and beautiful handcrafts. The patterns we bring are always versatile, and this one couldn’t be different. The Shooting Star Quilt Block looks great on many different pieces.

You can sew it on table runners, on quilts, on placemats. It is a very beautiful block, illuminated, and all colorful, transmitting a lot of joy. It can be a little more work than the more traditional blocks, but the beauty of the finished piece is worth all the effort, affection and time dedicated.

Leftover pieces from other quilt projects can be perfect for making a shooting star. The patches are not large and, as it is a very colorful piece, it will be easy to be able to make combinations with patches of different colors and prints.

If you are going to apply it to another piece, look at the colors and think of beautiful combinations. The environment can also help you, see combinations that highlight some part, that match the room.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Laundry Basket Quilt

You can also make it with just one color, it will look just as beautiful. The shooting star is already beautiful on its own and I’m sure this pattern only comes to enrich ideas and pieces you’ve already made.

The full shooting star pattern is available in Laundry Basket Quilt. The step-by-step photos are available to guide you, so you can check and compare to see if everything is right.

We are always looking for the most complete patterns to bring you here, so that there are no doubts and you can make wonderful pieces.

It’s a pleasure to see you here, we are very happy to be able to bring you new ideas to help you and encourage you to continue making handcrafts. Now it’s time to read the pattern, separate the materials and start quilting!

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