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Block Five Storm at Sea

Quilting is an art that we consider a great ally for those who really love crafts. It is a simple, versatile and inexpensive art. Available in various colors, shapes, designs and prints, we can use the quilt in different applications and decoration combinations that can be used in your bedroom, living room or to display on a wall, to make your environment even more beautiful.

With few materials and knowledge in quilts, you can make this beautiful and charming project, which serves as a decoration and can also help you warm up on cold winter nights. The Bloco Cinco Tempestade no Mar is an essential item on the coldest days, whether at bedtime or on the couch, when watching that favorite movie.

In today’s post, we’ll talk a little about this style of decoration that can be applied in your bedroom, living room or any other environment of your choice, and brings not only warmth and relaxation, but also a lot of elegance. We are not going to talk only about this style, but specifically, we are going to talk about the Bloco Cinco Tempestade no Mar, a beautiful quilt that will be your greatest ally in decoration and in the cold.

The quilt “Bloco Cinco Storm no Mar” is a very beautiful handmade quilt. It shows ocean storms in great detail. When we look at this quilt, we can feel the force of the rough sea. The fabric parts show big waves, white foams and dark clouds.

The blue, gray and white colors give the feeling of a storm. The “Block Five Storm at Sea” quilt is not only beautiful, but also tells a story. Each part shows a journey across the ocean, where people need to be brave. She reminds us that facing difficulties in life is like facing a storm, but it also gives us hope that we can overcome them. The quilting style is growing and attracting more and more attention and conquering people in recent times.

With its decoration that prioritizes all the colors in its quilts, natural light and a personalized and affectionate touch, it is associated with both the clean and the minimalist, but with its own unmistakable characteristics! Come and see the post we prepared for you today. Everyone always likes to have multiple clothing and blanket options to make the most of the cold weather. For those who work with crafts, it is important to know several models of quilts, as beautiful as this pattern Bloco Cinco Storm at Sea.

So we have chosen this beautiful pattern to share with all of you and boost your creativity. At the end of the post, I’ll leave the link with the complete step-by-step for you to create your own pieces. We would like to thank Quilt in a Day for making this beautiful pattern available on our website for free to share with our dear readers. Take the opportunity to browse our website and discover the infinite prints we have available, you will have new inspirations to create beautiful quilts.

Below is the link with the full step-by-step: Block Five Storm at Sea.

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