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Logging On Quilt Pattern

In the dusty corner of my mind, where the fragments of the past mix with the threads of the present, lies a precious memory.

A time when creativity fused with patience, and patience, in turn, intertwined with scraps of fabric.

It was the time of handmade quilts, a craft as meticulous as it was therapeutic. Each block of this memory quilt began with a journey through the scrap basket.

Fragments of cloth of various colors, sizes and textures patiently awaited their resurrection into something new and beautiful.

It was a search for hidden treasures among forgotten pieces, each scrap holding its own story.

With determination, I centered the squares on the work table. They were like little universes to be explored, ready to come together in harmony.

Carefully, he sewed them together, combining contrasting or harmonious tones, creating patterns that danced before the eyes.

And so, block by block, the quilt took shape. Each piece, a puzzle of colors and shapes, was carefully attached to the growing tapestry of memories.

Time seemed to slow down as the needles danced between the fabrics, transforming the apparent chaos into something beautiful and meaningful.

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This artisanal practice was not just about creating a blanket to keep warm in winter, but also about weaving together moments, feelings and stories.

Each point, a memory. Each square, an experience. The quilt became more than just an object; it was a reflection of the time and effort invested, a tangible expression of love and perseverance.

Thus, this logo quilt was not just a material work of art, but a silent testament to dedication and creativity.

A tribute to the small details that make up the beauty of life, where the search for beauty happens by diving deep into the mess of creation, where each block is a portal to a new beginning.

Access the link below and follow the step by step with all the details- Logging On Quilt

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