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Cathedral Windows Quilt

For all those who are lovers of crafts, are certainly in the right place because we are always looking for novelties, ideas, different ways to make publications increasingly interesting. Because learning is never too much, when more learning is always better for our performance and for our knowledge, even more for those who use handicrafts to earn income, it is more important for this audience who needs to know more and always to succeed.

Without counting the feeling of satisfaction that we feel when we have a finished work with much love, it is for sure the best sencation of a person who works with the quilt will feel. Always have those harder to finish jobs that need a lot of dedication but also have those that are easier to do.

This model that I brought today is called cathedral windows that in the behind several options of how to decoralo it, as for example we can do it of several types of sizes, colors, surely this model requires the creativity so it is still more beautiful and decorated.

There are two ways to do it as we all already know it is through machines or by hand, but that goes from person to person as you prefer. But of course with the machine is the most practical. He will make each square seam and with this will multiply the squares and you will gradually have your final result very satisfactory, it is worth it.

With this type of pattern you can make different working models, for example not only a handle, but also a quilt, rugs, table runners and much more, it is worth using only your creativity. I am completely in love with this pattern, I hope you enjoy it as well and practice this wonderful work.

One thing I learned is that the next time I make this pattern, I will not let the corners of the card be worn out, because I finished and many corners got less sharp, making it harder to finish correctly. But when you finish the window, the imperfections disappear, she is too beautiful. I loved this result too much, I am very satisfied, I made a quilt this time but next time I will certainly do something different but this same model and even more ahead I intend to give gift to my relatives.

– Sewing machine.
– Thread.
– Rotary cutter / ruler / rug.
– Dialing Tools.
– Pins.
– manual sewing needle.
– Turner’s Point.
– Iron and ironing board.
– manual sewing needle.
– Aligning glue.
– Water spray bottle.
– Spray Starch.
– Scottish Guard.

I’m very passionate about this pattern and I relied on some techniques that I saw in this video that I found very good and well explained for those who also have a certain difficulty.

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