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Carpenter Star Quilt

Welcome to another amazing pattern that we will make available to you today. Today will be a pattern of quilt, so all who love quilt is the time to learn another beautiful pattern to improve your skills and increase knowledge always.

Practice leads to perfection and knowledge has no one to steal from you is not.

In addition to personal knowledge, crafts also bring us many benefits that are great for everyone, so craftsmanship is practiced by many people of various ages, not only known as something grandmother or old.

The practice of the quilt is composed by the union of pieces of fabrics that coming together in different forms were many beautiful and original pieces. There are thousands of patterns that one can make with only pieces of fabric, needles and threads or a sewing machine.

In addition to having the pieces, do you know all the benefits that the craft gives you? whether in crochet, quilts, collages or other craftwork that involves creativity is more than being a cheaper way to have unique pieces. Know all the benefits below and see the incredible pattern of today.

The benefits of Craftwork are very much like

Improvement in physical development – Working with your hands improves and develops better motor coordination, moreover, develops a feeling of intense satisfaction and lasts longer than if you buy something ready.

Develop the mental – Concentration and creativity are fundamental for everyone who crafts and crafts. Crochet, for example, keeps the brain active and the mind always creative. Hand work is a great intellectual exercise for the elderly because it works on brain functions that over time does not stimulate them to deteriorate.

A Source of Income – Many people make crafts for hobbie but can discover in friends and nearby people possible clients thus taking an extra income. The type of manual work, the so-called “hand made” is being highly valued in a world where everything is done by machines. From soaps to pillows, everything that is handmade and exclusive gains a differentiated added value. Having the opportunity of an income.

Increases Perception of detail – When you make objects, your critical sense for details develops and you begin to notice the details.

Promotes Interpersonal Connection – If you have ever seen or participated in a craft group you know that there is a lot of talk, exchange of tips and experiences, so it makes the experience more interesting and the connections between the people stronger. By joining other people, you feel active and aware of your contribution to society. It is recommended for all ages.

About Pattern

Today the quilt pattern I bring to you is the Carpenter’s Star, but it’s also known as Star of Bethlehem or carpenter star, it’s just perfect and very practiced. To do this work is done some combinations of squares and blocks. This pattern was created many years ago, has the level of intermediate difficulty because of the number of blocks and pieces that must be joined. It can be done in several different ways.

This carpenter star pattern is a beautiful and striking pattern, so let’s learn today and make beautiful pieces, you can do in the colors you prefer or if you will use in any occasion to use according to the colors of the decoration or thematic. To make this pattern I leave below the link that I found with the step by step with all information in pfd to be able to print if you want. Good job

Download Pattern PDF Free➡   Carpenter’s Star Quilt


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