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Shadow Box Quilt

Hello dear readers, how are you? Hope everyone is doing great! Let’s start exchanging information on how to make this beautiful Shadow Box Quilt, sharing experiences and creating new projects. Today we are going to talk about quilts with shaded prints.

Can we create shadows on fabric prints to make the Shadow Box Quilt even more interesting? Yes… Not only in paper designs, but in fabrics, we can also create and form the prints we want, including shading effects. In this model we have a bedspread with colorful chess prints and shadows, in the sewing world we can create infinite prints, use different colors, different shapes, different sizes, each detail goes according to each person’s personal taste.

Using few materials this quilt can be made quickly, it’s simple just follow our pattern very carefully and the end result will be wonderful.

It is very common to see quilts with geometric prints, they look beautiful in various formats, some people like squares more, others prefer circles, others prefer diamonds, others hexagons and thus create infinite shapes in varied quilts. To do this, just choose the fabrics, colors, prints and start working.

Surely when doing your work you will have some doubts about what is the best way to do a perfect job. But with patience and love it is possible to do amazing work. So we can make pieces that we call unique because each one has its own characteristic and beauty.

It’s never too early or too late to create, innovate, start over what you want to do!!! This type of quilt can be used to decorate your bed, to warm up on cold nights, to take on that camping trip, or even to give as a gift to a family member, a friend or to generate income selling quilts.

We have many readers who follow our site to get ideas and create quilts to sell or just for personal use. But everyone is passionate about sewing, to enjoy this world it is necessary to be very patient, enjoy creating and have willpower, are enough items to make successes in their creations. Sometimes we look at the environment of our home and feel the need to change the furniture or renovate the house. This will not necessarily be necessary, sometimes financial conditions are not favorable at that particular time. So if we stop to think calmly, we can renew the environment just by changing the trousseau of bedspreads, table runners, rugs, etc.

In sewing we are free to always create and innovate without any hindrance. I wish you all a great job, may your creations be perfect the way you imagine, we are here to help you come up with new ideas with our patterns. It’s always a pleasure to bring new patterns to inspire us and keep making beautiful quilts. I leave here my thanks to the creator of this pattern, Quilt Today website.

Thank you for visiting our website. Did you like this article? Leave your comments, criticisms and opinions so that we can improve ourselves and bring you new ideas very soon.

See you later!

How to make Shadow Box Quilt

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