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Quilt Four Patch Charm

In this article today we are going to bring a wonderful material with beautiful prints. We will always increase our knowledge here with these beautiful types of jobs. In today’s post we chose a beautiful pattern for you to spend the weekend. This pattern will challenge and increase your skills as well.

You will get another fantastic result with this patchwork pattern that we will learn today. Today’s pattern gives us many options for use, we can make a rug and can even put it on the wall for a beautiful decoration or make a beautiful bedspread.

This pattern is very useful and we are grateful to provide it to you as we know that many of the people who use this art and their skills to earn an income and live their life.

This pattern that we will be learning today has geometric shapes and is very delicate, called the Quilt Four Patch Charm. The result is very rewarding, the way the blocks are joined makes me very happy. The join is like a lot of squares together in the same space. This also resembles a 3D image.

Make this quilt according to your taste and desire, using your favorite colors giving a touch of love and elegance. Wash and iron all fabrics so that it is easier to work with, being able to join fabrics more easily.

In the image that we share just below as a beautiful model of print and colors in 3D and with the tutorial completely complete and free for you to be able to do this beautiful work

We always want to have beautiful and innumerable pieces for clothing options and of course also bedspreads to always make the most of cold weather and for your decoration. Everyone who works with the art of handicrafts always looks for novelties from pieces like this for their collection.

Always remember that you can do the job according to your taste and color preference. This is another job that tends to be very successful among your friends and your home visits.

We have attached in the title below the complete and completely free pattern by Tamara.

Free Standard: Quilt Four Patch Charm

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