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Quilt Star Rise Star Fall

Made using the quilting method, the bedspread becomes a true work of art. Something really super fantastic and very beautiful, bringing many satisfactions and giving a touch of elegance in any environment. Many people do this as a hobby, and others do it for extra income. You can do it alone or with help from friends or machines. Fix a corner in your home, a beautiful tidy, separate all your materials and get ready to learn an excellent pattern.

Scissors, ruler, rotary cutter, threads of various types, sewing machine, shelf for cutting and pins. Think carefully and choose the fabric you are going to use for your beautiful work. One of the best bets is to choose cotton. Don’t forget to choose a beautiful color and think carefully about the scale, because if you don’t think about it you may end up making a disorganized quilt and it won’t look the way you thought it would. Always stay in the same row of colors but don’t forget not to use the same shades, it will be monochromatic and will not have much fun.

Avoid any color that goes too far, think about the lights and very dark and daring colors. Remembering that we cannot choose the same fabrics with the same print or size. Try to vary both both creating a very dynamic piece.

You need to have a “featured” fabric in your beautiful quilt. This fabric shines much more than the other fabrics, and makes your quilt stand out in an incredible way. Also remember that you will need fabrics for the edges, back and also for binding and quilting. If you choose a fabric that is 100% cotton fabric and of a high quality, you will have no problems with color mixes. If you use a much older fabric, you should wash it before starting to cut it.

Think carefully about the size you are going to make your quilt, and also think about its design using fabrics of your choice and colors of your taste. You will work with squares more easily at this point. Make larger blocks with small squares or use large squares. Pay close attention to all the material you have and see the arrangement that will give you.

If you can, a filling kit would be great. For a beginner this kit is excellent for making your job easier. They are sold for work and only sell in sets, not sold separately. Usually they all come with instructions, pre-cut fabrics and a pattern design. More does not come thread, filling and bedspread. You always need to check that the kit you are going to use is fully suited to your skills.

See the complete and fully detailed video tutorial by Jenny Doan for you to make your beautiful quilt perfectly.

Free Pattern: Quilt Star Rise Fall

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