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Quilt Jewel in the Night

Particularly, I have no doubt that the carpet gives a very distinctive touch of elegance in our home. But we always need to keep it clean, whether fixed or not on the floor. Of course, one of the main reasons is to leave your environment always clean and pleasant.

In this subject you will learn a little about how to keep them always clean and the main thing is to learn how to make this wonderful Quilt Jewel in the Night.

Take everything off the floor, separate everything that can break before you start cleaning. Open the windows in order to remove the dust and circulate fresh air in your environment. Sweep your carpet before removing any kind of dirt, then vacuum it for a more complete service.

Some rugs need special attention, as some of them must be dry cleaned, without being able to use any other type of chemical for cleaning. This is the case for leather, prints, satin and fiber. The best option for this is to dry clean, as they can end up rotting exposed to water. Use your vacuum cleaner to be able to remove any type of moisture and stains, mixed with corn starch and baking soda. Once done, wait for a while and dry with the vacuum cleaner. In the case of fiber, you need to always keep an EVA under it and always vacuum the two sides of the carpet, thus avoiding mold. Always make horizontal and vertical movements to make sure your carpet is completely free of dirt.


Always remember to wash your carpet at least once a month. Always bet on the vacuum cleaner, it will always guarantee a reliable and guaranteed cleaning. You can also use a cloth moistened with vinegar and water, always keeping the space well ventilated so as not to mold or leave your carpet stinking.

Rubber mat

The rubber ones are much simpler to be cleaning. The big ones always have to be getting a nice sweep and a good suction to be perfect and reliable, and use a cloth soaked in detergent and water and it will be enough for the lips. You can clean the little ones in the machine. Make your own homemade mixture using a bucket, pour ¼ cup of alcohol, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and another of white vinegar and half a liter of water. Mix the ingredients well and then wet a cloth so you can wipe your carpet. This effect is the same as that of degreaser and detergent.


Synthetic rugs don’t dry very well and can end up smelling bad, and that’s not what we want. Nylon or polyester ones are very easy to clean but have to dry well. Wash it preferably using mild soap and dry it in the sun. Spray a dose of vinegar so that its substance neutralizes any odor and microorganism that has been left after washing.


Because they contain a lot of dirt, it is recommended to wash the Fuzzy models at least twice a year. Pass a very soft bristle brush to avoid damaging it or use the vacuum cleaner first to improve it. To remove your stains, just use a damp cloth with fabric softener. Another very interesting tip is to use water with neutral detergent. You have to moisten the piece well and then brush it. Wash it well and let it dry in the shade.

Once you have acquired important tips it is time to start your beautiful work.

We have attached the free pattern by Riley Blake in the title below.

Free Standard: Quilt Jewel in the Night

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