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Quilt Flag United States Stars and Stripes

This quilt in the shape of the United States flag really is wonderful. The day for a beautiful celebration with this beautiful quilt is the famous Fourth of July. It is an excellent and beautiful celebration with this quilt to celebrate this day. Your visit will love to see her giving the main touch of decoration in the environment.

If you love Half Square Triagles (HST’s), then this quilt is perfect for you as it is simple, easy and quick to make. This quilt is impressive and perfect for beginners to make and surprise themselves and others with the final result, exclusive in the Fat Quartes store. This finished quilt can measure a generous 65.5 “x 85.5”.

A triangular roll of square triangles that is used in this pattern. With the triangular paper, you will create precise and perfect triangular half-square units, everything you need for this beautiful quilt. You just need to unroll and cut, and then you roll it back so you have easy storage.

Use the following supplies to make this beautiful flag quilt in the colors of the United States:

1-1 / 2 yards of blue fabric

3-3 / 4 yards of white fabric (includes binding)

5-1 / 3 yards of lining – look at Nana’s material teaching how to create an impressive lining for this quilt

1-5 / 8 yards two red each different

A 5 “half-square triangular paper roll (optional)

Double size batting

A 2 “half-square triangular paper roll (optional)

Coordination topic

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The pattern for this beautiful quilt we saw today is available for free by Nana’s.

Nana’s free pattern is attached in the title below.

Free Standard: Quilt Flag United States Stars and Stripes

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