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Quilt Busy Bee Garden

his is another beautiful and beautiful work. Quilt Busy Bee, that if done with calm and love you will have a charming and very wonderful end result. Make your decor more beautiful and romantic with this work, in addition to being very delicate and cozy. Watch the tutorial carefully, it is very detailed and explained, done with beautiful and beautiful colors, which you can also change if you wish.

Always remember that your taste will show what your bedspread can become. Think carefully about the environment in which you will place your bedspread, and carefully choose your colors so that it matches and conveys something good to your environment.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful work, and be sure to check out more beautiful works like this on the menu on our website. Do not get carried away by doubts during the course of your work, go ahead and at the end you will have an excellent reward.

Supplies needed:

  • Thread, scissors, rotary cutter
  • Hitting
  • (Riley Blake designs Bee Basics fabric used on the bedspread)

1 ½ yard –White

1 ¼ yard – Polka Dot Turquoise

1/4 yard – Stitched Flower Yellow

5/8 yard-Heart Blue

1/8 yard – Black

1yard – Tiny Daisy Macaroni

3 yards – Backing (allow extra if needed for quilting)

1/2 yard – Polka Dot Gray, Binding

Cut 2–3 ”x 20 ½” Polka Dot Turquoise, top and bottom Border A

Cut 2–3 ”x 15 ½” Polka Dot Turquoise, left and right Border A

Cut24–6 ”x6” Polka Dot Turquoise Border B

Cut 8–10 ½ ”x 10 ½” white, Border B

Cut 12– 5 ½ ”x 5 ½” Heart Blue, Border B and Border C

Cut8–6 ”x 6” Tiny Daisy Macaroni, Border B

Cut 64–3 ”x 3” Tiny Daisy Macaroni, Border B and Border C

Cut 64– 3 ”x 3” white, Border B and Border C

Cut 6–2 ½ ”x 43” Polka Dot Gray, Binding

Cut 8–5 ½ ”x 10 ½” white, Border C

This is a complete post with images on the main author’s website.

You will be in for a huge surprise when finishing this beautiful job. With beautiful colors, and a beautiful point that can be changed according to your will.

You are able, like anyone else, to make this beautiful and beautiful Quilt Busy Bee Garden, but you must carefully follow the complete and free tutorial available with images by  Click on the title below and you will have access to the pattern.

Free Standard by JUST LET ME QUILT: Quilt Busy Bee Garden

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