Quilt Beach Ball with Tote Bag

Today we are going to learn how to make this beautiful beach ball quilt. A really fun and cool pattern for people who love to travel or even take a family outing to relax and have something that brings joy to their decor. Prepare your things, get your kit and get ready to learn more beautiful work.

In addition to having fun with your pass, you will also have an extra bonus of seeing your beautiful work done by your own hands bringing joy to family or friends. This is an excellent piece for a good family beach trip.

We love to share standards like this for you, because we know how important this is for everyone, and that also makes us very happy because we know that we are helping and making people happy and satisfied.

The author of this beautiful quilt is really a cheerful, happy and very sentimental person. This conveys many good things in the course of work.

Always remember a good feeling or a good memory that you already had when doing your job, thus guaranteeing a touch of unique love that will bring you an excellent and wonderful quilt result. This is a beautiful and beautiful pattern originated from freepatterns.com

Always carefully follow each step of the tutorial to be able to do something with excellence and perfection. So you can go on a trip using something beautiful and useful for your trip.

Finished Sizes

Block Size: 10″ x 10″. Quilt Size: 50″ x 50″; Tote Size: 18″ x 18″.

Get the complete and free pattern in the title below available from freepatterns.com, all detailed.

Free Pattern: Quilt Beach Ball with Tote Bag

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