Orange-Blue Fourth of July Quilt

Hi friends. Let’s increase our bedspread collection? I’m back with new tips for you. Today I bring a beautiful pattern of a quilt made of blocks with squares and diamonds. A model that is super fashionable is very versatile and suits everything, will make the decoration of your home even more beautiful.

It is a cheerful, elegant, charming and colorful model. In this pattern, it was used shades of red, blue, and white, the colors go according to the environment, so try to make the place very light, pleasant and illuminated, which is more important to have a good job. It is perfect for use on colder days, promising to be a great success, whatever the occasion.

It is very easy to do just follow the step by step we make available here on the site. A quilt you can offer to your customers and get a great financial return. You can also offer as a gift to friends and family. In addition to being beautiful and well organized, this quilt will bring a unique beauty to your bed, everyone will think you bought a new bed, but not, just covered with a beautiful quilt.

The quilt shown in this pattern is made using 80 blocks arranged in 8 blocks per 10 blocks down. Follow carefully the step by step and you will be able to make a quilt with a lot of exclusive model personality. Put your skills to always improve and become an excellent professional in the quilter area.

For all pieces we need to follow a pattern, here on our site you will find various models of quilts, blankets, paths for all tastes and occasions. Making crafts is a beautiful way to express our love for art, because every piece we make becomes a great work of art, often with unique models we don’t find in stores.

This pattern will give positive results. And that’s what makes us happy, good results! We all after all, we want and seek everything in our lives. Use your imagination to create combinations that can be perfect. Let’s go guys, I invite you to make an unprecedented, modern quilt and at the same time very elegant to show the world the power of sewing.

If you are going through a difficult time, or feeling discouraged, you have doubt about how to occupy your mind, you have just found the best therapy and perfect tool to end all your problems. Sewing brings us peace, calm, patience, exercises our coordination and surprises us every day, because it makes us understand all our ability to create new projects and impresses ourselves where we can go through crafts.

I am very happy to be able to help you satisfactorily, helping you learn new techniques, increasing your knowledge and being able to participate in some way in your life with a positive purpose of seeing you happy through crafts.

I wish you all a good week, with wonderful projects, much success and wisdom for everyone !!!

Soon I will come back with new patterns tips for you to know, improve the practice of sewing according to the degree of knowledge of each one and that can impress their customers, family and friends.

Take the most of this pattern we brought today to you, created by Bonnie K Hunter.

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Below is the link with the full step by step for you to make your quilt.

complete step by step Orange-Blue Fourth of July Quilt

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