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Modern Maple Quilt

The Bordo Moderno quilt is an engaging expression of the fusion between timeless tradition and contemporary aesthetics. With the choice between solid or patterned blocks, jumbo Maple Leafs become fundamental pieces in this style of quilting.

The simplicity of solid blocks highlights the purity of quilting tradition, while prints offer a creative platform to explore innovative patterns and vibrant color palettes. This duality of options allows exceptional freedom in creating the Bordo Moderno quilt, inviting experimentation and personalization

The practicality of Maple Leaf jumbo blocks makes the quilt construction process easier, making it accessible even for those just starting out in the world of quilting. Its versatility allows for an infinite number of arrangements and combinations, resulting in unique quilts that reflect the vision and style of those who create them.

The Bordo Moderno quilt is more than a simple decorative item; It is an artistic representation of the encounter between past and present, where tradition intertwines with contemporary expression. It not only warms you physically, but also warms the soul, conveying a sense of connection to history while celebrating innovation and individuality.

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Whether through a minimalist approach with solid blocks or an explosion of creativity with bold prints, the Bordo Moderno quilt is an ode to diversity, freedom of choice and the beauty of the synthesis between classic and modern in the world of quilting.

Take advantage of the step-by-step guide to learn all the details of this modern pattern. Below is the step by step-

Modern Maple Quilt

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