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Easy Ripple Afghan baby blanket

The arrival of a baby in the family is something very remarkable and, therefore, the trousseau is prepared with a lot of love and affection. A composition that cannot be missed at this moment is a blanket, one of the main items, it serves to warm and bring comfort to the little ones. A great option is the crochet baby blanket.

In today’s pattern we have an Afghan model baby blanket. This technique is a variation between the types of crochet, and allows you to create unique pieces with a crochet style different from the traditional crochet we already know.

If the term afghan crochet is something new to you, I’ll explain a little bit about this technique. The Afghan or Tunisian crochet technique, as it is also usually called, receives these names because they are related to the possible region of origin of this technique, Tunisia.

The differentiated technique is a mix between crochet and knitting, having as characteristics thicker aspect and tighter weave, creating differentiated stitches and being able to be a little more complex compared to traditional crochet.

To make Tunisian crochet, a different needle is used, which has a longer length, like a knitting needle, and a hook at the end, resembling a crochet hook. The differentiated and specific needle for the technique is used to make the rounds that go back and forth composing the stitches.

This type of crochet has some variations, which can give different characteristics to the piece and some believe that they are variations on the types of Tunisian crochet, but the truth is that the variations happen because of the variety of stitches, such as the toothpick stitch, simple stitch, honeycomb stitch, fancy stitch and mat stitch. In this way, the different types of afghan crochet stitches give different characteristics to the pieces.

The blankets are also options for pieces that can be developed using the Tunisian technique, yielding pieces with closed and thicker weaves, being perfect for everyday use by babies or adults, or even in decoration on upholstery.

In this pattern we have a beautiful colorful blanket with crochet stitches that form a zigzag, leaving the blanket with a unique, beautiful and perfect design. Ideal to keep your baby warm, comfortable and elegant. This model is colorful but you can produce the piece with colors of your choice to match the layette you are preparing for the baby.

There are a lot of different models of baby blankets on the market today, but when you have enough skills to embroider your baby’s blanket, your grandchild’s, your nephew’s or even to sell it, it becomes much more rewarding. You have the pleasure of producing the part with your own hands. It can be considered a demonstration of love to be part of this very special moment that is the birth of a child.

If you’re the type who likes to learn new techniques and put your manual skills into practice to create handmade pieces, we’ve put together the step-by-step tutorial on how to crochet Tunisian using this pattern to create a baby blanket.

For those who usually practice crafts, new techniques will always be very welcome so that you can perfect your creations. It’s always good to be on top of new patterns and models. And the best thing about being able to learn and practice everything for free, you can find this advantage here on our website.

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I hope you liked the pattern presented.

Many thanks to Susan B from Handcrafting with Love for making this beautiful pattern available for our site.

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Below is the step-by-step pattern:

Easy Ripple Afghan baby blanket by Susan B from Handcrafting with Love

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