Quilt Patterns - You will be interested to read 2

Aunt Gracie’s Garden Quilt

“Tia Gracie’s Garden Quilt” is a genuine work of fabric art that extraordinarily captures the beauty and essence of Aunt Gracie’s meticulously cared for garden. This meticulous work, created with deep love and dedication, becomes a visual expression of all the magic that permeates Tia Gracie’s garden. “Tia Gracie’s Garden Quilt” is a genuine work […]

Fletcher Quilt

Hello dear readers, today I will present to you a different quilt pattern, beautiful, full of colors and with an unusual name, he beds Fletcher. Fletcher is an introduction to using diagonal lines in your quilts. Now that everyone already knows the meaning of the name of the pattern, let’s get to know and learn […]

Granny Square Quilt

Today we are going to see a beautiful pattern called Granny Square Quilt. When we say the word GRANDMOTHER, beautiful memories of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers, soon come to mind. In most families there is always a grandmother who loves to sew, so this pattern has a very meaningful name that makes us remember the special […]

Carpenter Star Quilt

Welcome to another amazing pattern that we will make available to you today. Today will be a pattern of quilt, so all who love quilt is the time to learn another beautiful pattern to improve your skills and increase knowledge always. Practice leads to perfection and knowledge has no one to steal from you is […]

Double Annelight Quilt

Hello friends who love crafts, I hope everything is going well. It is always very good to learn and I do not give up, because we always find designs, models of crafts that are wonderful. For this reason I want to share this lovely double wedding ring quilt. I love receiving images and patterns from our […]

Interwoven Quilt Pattern

Today we’re going to talk about the intertwined quilt, an art that crosses time and brings people together. The woven quilt is not just an ornament or a warm blanket, it brings stories and memories, and is made with lots of love and meaning. The woven quilt has been around for a long time and […]

Jewelry Box Quilt

Jewel Box bedspreads are true works of art made of fabric. They are composed of groups of four blocks. These bedspreads are very pretty, made with vibrant fabrics in jewel tones, which contrast beautifully with the black background. The result is a sophisticated and charming combination that is sure to turn heads. The pattern on […]

Jelly Roll Posies Baby Quilt Pattern

The “Jelly Roll Posies” quilt pattern, designed by Cindy Carter, is known for its beauty and vibrant colors that can bring joy to any space. Originally created for babies, it can also be used for other occasions and as a blanket. It fits different bed sizes, whether they are single or double, and looks great […]

Quilt Spin Me Round

Hello dear readers, how are you?? We hope everyone is well!! Today we will meet a beautiful pattern of a beautiful bedspread with a beautiful and differentiated visual effect, with vivid colors to brighten up your room decor. Quilt Spin Me Round is a wonderful and different work that must be done calmly and that […]

All Hallows Quilt Block

As the title says, I present to you this beautiful Block of All Relics Quilts, it really is a great honor to have a rare jewel of this printed on our bed, a beautiful and well-crafted print that will enchant your eyes after knowing this pattern. Would you like to know and learn how to […]